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What is it about quilts?

     For me, it's everything: the infinite possible combinations of color, shape, and pattern; the interaction of color and line; the ability to transform a traditional block into a modern and minimalist design; the range of beautiful quilting fabrics with which to work; the creation of an object that is - ideally - both beautiful and functional; and, perhaps most of all, the pleasure of working with my hands. 


     I came to quilting two years ago after various careers — first as an art historian and a lecturer in art, film and design history; subsequently as a graphic designer; and then, in my 40’s, I did a complete about-face and went to law school, after which I practiced for many years as a lawyer for nonprofit organizations. 


     With quilting I have returned to my first love, which is art. I hope you enjoy my work.


Portfolio of Quilts

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Portfolio of Market Totes

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Samples of Market Tote Interiors
(Party on the Inside!)


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Most quilts and market totes are for sale. If you're interested in one, please send me an email and I'll happily send you additional photos and details about price and dimensions.

If a pictured quilt is no longer available, or if you'd like one in a different size,

I am happy to make a new one just for you.

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Quilts and Market Totes

Made with Love

in the Heart of the Catskills by

Laurie McFadden